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  • T.A.A. Free Artist

    We will FOREVER offer basic free memberships to all artists!
    Free Plan
    • Access to book Tony Aye! Artist Services
    • Site Member Deals & Exclusives
    • T.A.A. Artist Members Only Access Hub
    • Access to "The Artist Shed" Social Group
    • Access to Artist A La Carte Services
  • T.A. Breakout Artist

    Every month
    Our starter basic plan for brand new artists just starting
    • All benefits of the free site membership
    • Business Director for Artist Services & Partner Discounts
    • One Artist Development Workshop(Group)
    • One Sponsored Campaign Promotion
    • Complimentary Artist Electronic Press-Kit
    • Two Hours of Pre-Production Support
    • Access to more site exclusives,groups and discounts
  • T.A.A. Rising Artist

    Every month
    Everything you need to have a solid support for your career
    • All items in the Break Out Member plan
    • Social Media Development & Launch Services(2 Platforms)
    • Four Hours Project/Event Planning Service Support
    • Two Hours Creative Art Development
    • Four Hours Talent Representation/Consultation
    • Performance inclusion in one Tony Aye! Artistry Event.
    • 15% Discount on all Tony Aye! Artistry Services & Bookings
    • Reverbnation Artist Account Creation
    • Streaming Platform Artist Page Support
    • 30 minute photo consultation and make-up tutorial
    • Discounted mini-shoot(must pay for edits)
  • AYE-List Artist

    Every month
    The Premier Support Package For Serious/Experienced Artists
    • All Items In Rising Artist Package(With Upgrades)
    • Reverbnation Artist Account Creation & Management
    • Demo Creation for 1 Project(8 Songs Max)
    • 1 Sponsored single release(Production,Curation,Distribution)
    • Managed curation account with Groover
    • Priority T.A.A. Scheduling & Services
    • Dedicated Artist Rep/Consultant
    • Unlimited Artist Consultation Services
    • Up to Twelve Hours of Songwriting/Music Arranging
    • Premium Account Recording Service(via Soundtrap)
    • Ulimited Mixing and Mastering Services(via E-Mastered)
    • Streaming Platform Artist Page Management/Monitoring
    • 1-Hour Photo Shoot
    • Welcome "AYE" List Swag Gift Set
    • 25% off all services and bookings
  • T.A.A. Busines Basic

    Every month
    We will help your Label and it's Artists build from scratch
    Valid for 6 months
    • Access to book Tony Aye! Artist Services & Products
    • Site member,deals,events & exclusives
    • T.A.A. Artist Members only access hub
    • Access to "The Artist Shed" Social Group & Artist Hub Events
    • Personal Business Group Hub On Website
    • Team Branded Gmail Mailing Address
    • Business Directory for Artist Services & Partner Discounts
    • One Artist Development Workshop(Group)
    • Reverbnation Label Account Creation
    • Social Media Development & Launch(2 Accounts)
    • One Sponsored Promotion Campaign
    • Two Hours of Pre-Production support per artist
    • Access to more site exclusives, group and discounts
    • One consultation with Urban-Artist Production
    • Dedicated Business Representative
  • T.A.A. Business Pro

    Every month
    Standard services to help support the growing business
    Valid for 12 months
    • All the benefits of the Business basic plan
    • Three Artist Development(Group)
    • Two Sponsored Promotion Campaign
    • Electronic Press-Kit for all Artists
    • 6 Hours of Pre-Production Support per Artist
    • Customized Artist Development Course for business
    • One consultation & workshop with Urban-Artists Productions
    • Dedicated Business Representative
  • T.A.A Business Elite

    Every month
    Premiere services for Business Labels with many Artists
    Valid for 12 months
    • Everything in the business pro tier(with upgrades)
    • Business website development & launch
    • 10 Hours of Pre/Post-Production Support per Artists
    • Customized Artist Development Artist Development Course
    • Staff Photo Shoot by Urban-Artist Productions
    • One workshop with Urban-Artist Production
    • Priority Booking & Consulting
    • Check In Meeting with CEO
    • Dedicated Business Representative